Snow Mold/Dangers of Snow Piles

Do you still have snow piles on your lawn?

Smow Mold 2If you do, you are in great company! Most of us still have snow lingering on our lawns and while the temperatures are slowly beginning to rise the snow remains.

Did you know that piles of snow can create snow mold on your lawn? Snow mold is a sneaky disease that damages your grass after the snow melts.

While, there is no way to entirely prevent snow mold from growing on your lawn, there is one essential step you can take that can help lessen the possibility of snow mold becoming an issue on your lawn this Spring.

If you have snow piles on your lawn, spread the snow out evenly throughout your lawn. This important step will not only help the snow melt faster but it will decrease your chance of snow mold.

“Snow mold, also known as snow rot, is a lawn disease that thrives under snow or wet leaves during the winter months. It can have a grayish or pinkish color and take on a web-like appearance. Snow mold occurs when too much snow stays on the ground for extended periods of time. The longer the snow sticks around or the wet leaves are left in place, the more it spreads. As the temperatures begin to warm up snow mold will likely go away on its own. If not, you’ll need to rake the area and reseed any bare spots.” ( Mold

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