Welcome to Sutherland’s Organic Solutions



Sutherland Organic Solutions (SOS) is an RI based lawn care company dedicated to providing you with a beautiful low-maintenance lawn that is also safer for the environment.
The licensed and insured professionals from SOS Lawns are completely dedicated to providing you with customer service that is second to none. We use only the purest Class-A Organic Materials, and the safest control materials available. Our area managers are cross-trained on shrub care in addition to lawn care. They are also trained in the use of natural pest control materials and animal repellents.
Whether it’s a wide expanse athletic field, or a small yard with ornamental shrubs, you can be assured the final result will be a beautiful, healthy lawn to enjoy year after year.
The beauty and relaxation of a home’s lawn and landscape is traditionally one of the most satisfying aspects of home ownership. You can help keep that tradition alive for future generations with lawn care that is both green and “green friendly.” Call SOS for a free estimate and to learn more about the benefits of organic-based lawn care for your home’s lawn.



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