How to Deter Turkeys: 5 Humane, Wild Turkey-Friendly Tips By Nite Guard LLC


#1 Easy Pickins
Get to the bottom of why wild turkeys invaded your neighborhood. Do you see them gobbling up food scraps in your neighbor’s backyard? Or, do they hang out near your bird feeder, waiting for seeds to fall? Like any wild animal, if they find a place where they can easily get food, they’ll stick around. So, what you need to do is create a food desert. As much as you enjoy watching the wild birds perched on your bird feeder, you need to store the feeder in the shed. Also, politely ask your neighbor to stop feeding the wild turkeys. Other potential sources of food for wild turkeys include garbage cans, grass seeds, nut trees, and berry bushes. Secure your garbage cans, cut your grass often, and install a fence around your fruit-bearing plants and garden.

#2 Climb to the Top
The Humane Society of the United States recommends positioning yourself at the top of the turkey pecking order. This way, your neighborhood turkey will fear you, rather than treat you like a doormat. How do you climb to the top? The Humane Society recommends using noisemakers (a can of pennies works great), waving your arms overhead, throwing tennis balls, hosing turkeys down with squirt guns, or employing any other method that will scare away the turkey, but not physically harm or injure it.

#3 Sculpture Garden
Create a “sculpture garden” in your yard. Install a 3D coyote replica and a scarecrow as 24/7 sentinels. The neighborhood turkeys won’t know what to make of these “sculptures”, especially if you move them frequently, giving them the appearance of being mobile creatures, who could strike at any moment.

#4 The Day and Night Dream Team
Nite Guard offers the day and night dream team. During the day, when turkeys are active, install Nite Guard Repellent Tape. And for night, we offer Nite Guard Solar lights. Like us, turkeys sleep at night. However, in the event your neighborhood turkey wanders around at night, it’s best to have all your bases covered with day and night protection. Our durable flash tape creates bright flashes of light and loud, crackling noises that scare away wild turkeys. With its red flashing light, Nite Guard Solar lights mimic the presence of a predator, which triggers the fight or flight response, resulting in the wild turkey fleeing your property.

#5 Not a B&B
As mentioned in tip #4, turkeys sleep at night, and are active during the day. In the evening, they search for a nice, comfy spot to roost, such as on your roof, in one of your trees, or in among your bushes. Don’t be their B&B. Install bird wire and prune your trees and bushes to give these turkeys zero roosting options.

Coyote Urine or blood granules can also be used to serve as a deter for Wild Turkeys. Coyote Urine can be purchased at Pet Shops and/or Online at Walmart or Lowe’s. Apply the Coyote Urine several times throughout your property, the scent will give the illusion a predator has made a home on your property.

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