Spring Cleaning – Yard Clean Up

April Showers Bring Spring Flowers!

Yup! Its that time of Season! Time to start our Spring Cleaning not only Inside but Outside as well.

SOS Helpful Hints: Yard Clean Up

It’s time to clean your lawn and get it ready for the Summer Season enjoyment. But there is a “Rule of Thumb” that is important to follow. The steps below will help you start on the right track.
1. Clean-Up: Remove any fallen branches and twigs.

2. Raking: Light raking is a must. Keep in mind raking over wet grass can tear it from the roots leaving you with even more bare patches. Bare patchy areas promote weeds and crabgrass to grow. So, raking is best done when the lawn is dry. However, who can wait? Therefore, if you must rake at this time of Season, rake lightly.

3. Mower Preparation: Mowing may not be necessary at this time for most customers. However, it never hurts to be prepared. Therefore, we say break out those lawn mowers and make sure they are in good condition for this Summer Season. For most homeowners, its recommended to sharpen your mower blades twice a year. The jagged edges caused by a dull mower blade make it more difficult for the grass to fight off pest and disease.
“If you didn’t remove the dirty oil or replace the spark plugs during the fall, now’s the time to swap out the used oil for new oil and replace old spark plugs. Also, lightly lubricate the wheel bearing, height adjuster, and any other moving parts, following the manual’s instructions. Make sure to have the lawn mower blades sharpened by a professional, so they’ll cut the grass evenly.” (www.goodhousekeeping.com)
4. Pruning: This is a good time for pruning shrubbery and over grown tree branches that are producing too much shade and not allowing enough sunlight onto your lawn.


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