Keep Your Home Tick Free

We can treat your lawn for Flea & Ticks but you must do your part in checking the inside of your home for Ticks that have been living inside.
Follow the steps below to help to keep your home tick free:
Make sure to check your pets: Indoor pets, usually dogs, are the number one source of tick infestations. Dogs can carry ticks in from outdoors, or catch them from other animals in the kennel or the local neighborhood.

•  Physically remove any ticks that are using your animal as a host, then treat the dog with a topical tick- killing product. Ask your veterinarian for suggestions.
• You may also invest in a tick- repelling collar for your pet. These will keep ticks from latching onto your cat or dog for approximately three months. Ask your veterinarian for suggestions.
• Thoroughly check your pet for ticks, including ears, and pads where they like to hide.
After You Come Indoors: You can bring ticks inside your house and they can stay in your house for weeks at a time. Check all clothes after being in places where ticks can be found. It is also important to check blankets and sheets where they can hide

Drying your clothes first and then washing them is one way you can help rid your clothes of ticks. The heat cycle will kill the ticks, then wash your clothes.  
• It is important to check yourself whenever you go outside to see if you are bringing in ticks from going to parks/public areas. Ticks may be on your body for days before they bite and like to hide in places that are warm and in your hair.


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