Help Hints from ‘BEST REVIEWS’ – Best Deer Repellents

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Deer Out Concentrate Deer Repellent
Bottom Line: Extremely effective; manufacturer offers a 100% guarantee. Safe for use on food crops. Depending on time of year, you get weeks to months of protection from a single application.
Pros: Peppermint smell deters deer. Environmentally friendly: won’t harm birds, bees, pets. 32-oz. bottle of concentrate makes 2.5 gallons of repellent.
Cons: If deer are hungry enough, nothing may stop them, but at least you’ll be able to get your money back if your plants are devoured by a famished buck.

Predator Guard Deer Repel Natural Repellent Pouches
Bottom Line: An affordable option for repelling deer and rabbits without harming plants. All-natural, long-lasting repellent is guaranteed to work or your money back.
Pros: Economical and easy to use; simply hang pouches near problem areas. Natural, water-resistant, and straightforward. No offensive odor. Money-back guarantee.
Cons: You will get the best results from the pouches if you find a way to secure them; some reports of them being knocked down/carried away by animals.

Hoont Cobra Jet Spray Animal Repeller
Bottom Line: Ward off deer and other garden invaders AND give your lawn a bit of water at the same time. Motion-activated device scares away animal’s w/a strong water blast and accompanying clicking sound.
Pros: A humane way to deter deer and other animals. Safe yet powerful motion-activated water jet. Owners report that it works, and they are happy it doesn’t harm animals. Easy set-up.
Cons: If you forget to turn off the water source before walking into the area, YOU get sprayed. Animals might become accustomed to the device and ignore it. Batteries require periodic changing.

Predator Guard Predator Deterrent Light
Bottom Line: Solar-powered deterrent frightens nighttime garden raiders w/2 flashing LEDs. Deer are startled and flee, thinking a predator is watching. Includes screws and magnet for easy mounting.
Pros: Device charges itself via solar panel during the day and automatically turns on at night. Two powerful LEDs are visible for up to 1/2 mile, discouraging deer. Random flashing pattern keeps most deer from becoming accustomed to the device. Operates in any weather.
Cons: Mileage may vary; some deer learn to ignore the device, and if the animals are especially hungry, they’re likely to visit your garden regardless of deterrent.

I Must Garden Deer Repellent Spice Scent Spray
Bottom Line: Easy to use and very affordable, but you may be disappointed w/its effectiveness. It’s still a good option if you need minimal repellent action and budget is a concern.
Pros: Has the popular features of other models in a low-cost, simple-to-use spray. Long-lasting, rain-resistant, safe, and natural. Can be sprayed directly on plants you want to protect. Pleasant spicy smell.
Cons: Not as versatile as some competitor’s b/c not labeled for pests other than deer. Doesn’t prevent deer from eating some types of plants, and the nozzle occasionally clogs.

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