Help! My lawn is dying.

Lawn Dying

A common concern all homeowners have, why is my lawn turning brown? Is my lawn dying? The answer is no. Your lawn is actually sleeping also known as dormant. This process of protection normally occurs in the winter, but can also occur in the summer. Should you be concerned about your sleeping lawn? This question can be answered two ways; No and Yes.

The reason for NO is because the lawn is not dead. Once treated properly you will be able to revive your lawn. The reason for YES is because; when a lawn goes dormant it is due to LACK OF WATER. In which, lack of water is never a good thing whether or not it’s been a harsh summer with extreme degrees of heat or the homeowner has just not been watering enough.

If you want to help conserve water or just don’t have time to water your lawn regularly, letting your grass go dormant during the hottest months of the year can help. A dormant, or “sleeping,” lawn will turn brown, but with proper care the underground crown of the grass plant will survive. In fact, once the grass receives ample water again (either from natural precipitation or from a sprinkler), it will begin to green up and grow new leaves.

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