When Is the Best Time to Mow Your Lawn?

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When Is the Best Time to Mow Your Lawn?

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(Bad) Early Morning 6:00am – 8:00am: Is not the best time of day to mow. Grass can be wet due to the early morning dew and cause clogging in your mower. Also, if your turf is too wet, your mower can leave tracks on your lawn.
(Best) Mid-Morning 8:00am- 10:00am: Ideal time of day to mow your lawn. Waiting till mid-morning allows for the morning dew and irrigation to dry. Its best to mow the lawn before the heat of the day sets in.

(Ok) Mid-Day 2:00pm- 4:00pm: Its ok to mow your lawn in the middle of the day, however, it’s not ideal. It’s going to be hot, so the work is harder on you. (Drink lots of water). Also, the heat combined with your lawn being shorn can cause turf stress.

(2nd Best) Late Afternoon 4:00pm-6:00pm: This is the second-best time of day to mow your lawn. Late afternoon temperatures will be cooler causing less stress for your lawn. Your lawn will still have a few hours to recover before nightfall; which is essential for proper cutting.
(Bad) Early Evening 6:00pm – 8:00pm: This is not an ideal time. Your lawn needs time to recover before nightfall. During nighttime hours is when your lawn is most prone to damage caused by fungus and turf diseases. Believe it or Not! Yes, your lawn can get sick too.

Grass knows two things; it knows to grow and protect itself. When you are mowing the lawn, the grass will automatically go into shock and begin to protect itself. When you are done mowing turn on your hose or sprinkler system and water for a few minutes. This will help the grass from going into shock. In human terms, it’s like getting a slap in the face, “Snap out of It” 😊


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