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Help Hints from ‘BEST REVIEWS’ – Best Deer Repellents

Deer Out Concentrate Deer Repellent Bottom Line: Extremely effective; manufacturer offers a 100% guarantee. Safe for use on food crops. Depending on time of year, you get weeks to months of protection from a single application. Pros: Peppermint smell deters deer. Environmentally friendly: won’t… Continue Reading “Help Hints from ‘BEST REVIEWS’ – Best Deer Repellents”

SOS Helpful Hint – Brown Spots

Yay! Summer is almost here! But with the warm summer days approaching brown spots will most definitely appear on your lawn. Most Brown spots are caused by lack of water and  cutting the grass too short!  If this is happing on your lawn, once… Continue Reading “SOS Helpful Hint – Brown Spots”


Use A Sharp Blade – Fight of Pest and Disease: The type of mower does not matter, but the blade’s condition does. A dull blade tears at the grass. Take a close look at a grass blade a few days after mowing. If the… Continue Reading “WHEN CUTTING YOUR LAWN USE A SHARP MOWER BLADE”


Moss grows in yards as a result of too much moisture, too shady and or poorly maintained lawns. Shady Keeping trees and shrubs trimmed decreases heavy shade and poor air circulation which is needed for maintaining a healthy lawn. It is also a natural… Continue Reading “Moss”

Help! My lawn is dying.

A common concern all homeowners have, why is my lawn turning brown? Is my lawn dying? The answer is no. Your lawn is actually sleeping also known as dormant. This process of protection normally occurs in the winter, but can also occur in the… Continue Reading “Help! My lawn is dying.”